Drunk Driver Wears Coincidental Shirt


Today in unfortunate mugshots: Here’s a guy who crashed into a police car, which was part of a special alcohol fatality enforcement team, early today on Long Island. Along with being charged with driving while intoxicated, the man, 22-year-old Kevin Daly, is also being informally charged with a “Seriously, dude, why would you wear that shirt?” The bright side is that the cop was not badly hurt and Daly, who was fine, was arrested and will probably never wear the shirt again. (Also, hopefully, he’ll stop driving drunk.)

The wearing of the shirt makes it a little blurry (no, we have not been drinking) but it says:
“I’m Not An Alcoholic, I’m A Drunk. Alcoholics Go to Meetings.”

Similar shirts are available at the fine website for a mere $14.99, though we’d suggest saving your money for cab fare.

Daly will be arraigned today.


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