Occupy People Fights to Reclaim Rightful Sexy Crown of Ryan Gosling


There’s another protest in town. This one happens to be over the total theft of Ryan Gosling’s much deserved Sexiest Man Alive crown, which People Magazine failed to give to him because they are fucking blind and also clearly stupid and Bradley Cooper, whatever, we can’t even go on. But we will. For Gosling.

Remember when he broke up that fight in the Astor Place? We can think of no more deserving a sexy man.

Fortunately, BuzzFeed has organized a new movement, Occupy People, which has the added benefit of being funny as well as completely relevant and clear of message. They are billing themselves the “sexiest protest in NYC,” which has to be true, despite what certain photo galleries from certain news media organizations may try to convince you of. A dozen or so Goslingtavists occupied the sidewalk outside of People Magazine today in an effort to make their voice heard.

Matt Stopera of BuzzFeed tells us, “BuzzFeed has, and will always be, a pro-Ryan Gosling website. When the news came out that he wasn’t sexiest man alive, we were all shocked. People Magazine is supposed to be the pinnacle of popular culture, but they clearly missed on this one. 2011 was the year of Gosling and Ryan and his fans deserved this cover! Everyone makes mistakes and we’re just hoping People can remedy this situation by giving Ryan his own cover.”

Chants of the movement are said to include “1, 2, 3, 4, Bradley Cooper is a bore, 5, 6, 7, 8, Ryan Gosling’s super great.” As with any modern movement, BuzzFeed is tweeting out the cause as well. #overheard: “Bradley Cooper didn’t even shave for the photo, what a dick!”

Occupy People is currently waiting for a response from People.

Ryan Gosling Fans Protest Outside People Magazine Headquarters [BuzzFeed]


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