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Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez Charged With Attempting to Assassinate Barack Obama


A 21-year-old man from Idaho, Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, has been charged with attempting to assassinate Barack Obama. He allegedly fired shots at the White House last Friday night. Later, Ortega-Hernandez’s abandoned Honda Accord, containing an assault rifle with scope, ammunition, an “aluminum baseball bat, brass knuckles, and a sales receipt from a Wal-Mart store” was found in the area, though a ballistics match is not included in the complaint. Yesterday, Ortega-Hernandez was arrested at a hotel in western Pennsylvania. He’ll be transferred to Washington to face the charges. A portion of the arrest warrant:

During the shooting, the Obamas were in California.

Via Politico,

Police initially said they saw no connection between the shots fired and the White House or Obama, but the gravity of the incident became clearer on Tuesday when a bullet was discovered between the outer glass and the bulletproof layer of a window on the White House’s second floor, which is part of the first family’s residential quarters.

According to the complaint, someone who knows Ortega-Hernandez well says “Ortega-Hernandez wanted to ‘hurt’ President Obama and referred to him as ‘the anti-Christ.'” Another witness said Ortega-Hernandez believed Obama was the devil, and that he “will not stop until it’s done.”

Ortega-Hernandez has previously been charged with drug offenses and domestic violence, and police say they think he may be mentally ill.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez charged with attempted assassination of Obama [Politico]

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