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There’s a Lot of Trash in Williamsburg and Greenpoint


Two neighborhoods in New York City are trashier than ever, at least, in a manner of speaking. According to a new study released today, there are more garbage trucks in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, where 19 of New York City’s 58 waste transfer stations are located — “362 trucks per hour at six major intersections across the neighborhood, up from 300 in 2004.” Although the trucks pick up trash, they also spew “noxious pollutants into the air,” which has neighbors in a — sorry — stink.

The Daily News reports:

“We’re treated unfairly, said Rolando Guzman, community organizer for Organizations United for Trash Reduction and Garbage Equity, which conducted the study set to be released Thursday. “Our community is receiving all the garbage from the other boroughs.”

This is a situation that’s grown worse since Fresh Kills was closed as a landfill in 2001; a recent morning rush hour at Greenpoint and McGuinness Boulevard featured 80 garbage trucks per hour, and there was “355% more particulate matter in the air” on days the waste transfer stations were operating.

In a word: Yuck.

More waste trucks clogging the streets in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, study finds [NYDN]


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