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Almost Everyone in America Is Too Fat


Good morning! Are you enjoying a delicious donut with this blog post? Do you have full-fat milk in your coffee? Did you get your full intake of pizza-as-vegetable last night? Maybe so! According to two new research from the American Heart Association, Americans are getting fatter and sicker faster than you can say “Extra cheese.” (But, really, let’s not blame cheese here.) Researchers estimate that by 2020, the “vast majority” of American adults — 83 percent of men and 72 percent of women — will be too fat, and 77 percent of men and 53 percent of women will have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Currently, according to Science Daily, 72 percent of men and 63 percent of women are overweight or obese, and 62 percent of men and 43 percent of women already have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Which…sounds pretty dire. Even worse, while the American Heart Association is trying to get people to improve their heart health, they don’t really expect more than modest (6 percent) improvement if things keep going as they are. One of the major concerns of course is the cost of health care, “already projected to reach $1.1 trillion per year by 2030.” But additionally, wow, we are not going to look our best in photos.

On the bright side, in the last 50 years, Americans have grown about an inch. Maybe this is just baby fat.

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