This Week in Food Blogs: Paula Deen Might Still Be an ‘Evil Sex Fiend Succubus’


This week in food blogs …

Eater National describes Paula Deen as an “evil sex fiend succubus” again. We appreciate the reminder, and will remain vigilant and report any suspicious, succubus-like activity.

Diner’s Journal has some bad news for filicidal foodies: You probably can’t kill your family by cooking the stuffing inside the Thanksgiving turkey. Damn it Phew.

Grub Street has the exclusive on Olivia Munn’s Thanksgiving traditions. She only eats the Stove Top and canned cranberry sauce with “ridges,” making her all the more endearing.

Serious Eats maps out New York’s holiday pies. Far more interesting, though: an anti-Di Fara tirade.

Agata Buzz names the seven best LES restaurants. Meatball Shop and Katz’s Delicatassen make the cut.