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This Week’s Specials: Space Dining, Cheese Sticks | Village Voice


This Week’s Specials: Space Dining, Cheese Sticks


And now, a look back at what was on the menu here at Fork in the Road this week.

Robert Sietsema takes us to Mars and to the turtle races! In his top 10 this week, he gives us a tour of New York City’s weirdest restaurants of the past and present. Barns and liquor-soaked mattresses abound.

Lauren Shockey has a cure for the boring-Thanksgiving-meal blues. In her Ask the Critic column, she has a list of non-gimmicky eateries open on Turkey Day, with plates such as paella and bacon-wrapped dates.

DuMont does doughnuts! The Bedford Avenue burger hangout serves up made-to-order yeast miniatures, that actually do wind up melting in your mouth.

Sietsema sups on screwpine at Sunset Park newcomer Banana Leaf. “Although it sounds like a pervert having his way with a shapely evergreen, the name refers to a shrub native to Southeast Asia, also known as pandanus. Ripped down the middle to release their savor, the long, shiny leaves tie up the fried chicken wings.”

Shockey samples Parm’s mozzarella sticks. Though the snack tends to have a bad rap, she gives Torrisi’s approach the highest of compliments: She finds that the offering actually tastes like it’s made of cheese.


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