Fire Island’s Pavilion Is Memorialized In The New York Times


The TimesAlex Williams has compiled an aural history of the Pavilion, the long-running indoor/outdoor Fire Island Pines dance club, which burned down on Monday (when, fortunately, no flaming queens were inside).

Naturally, I’m quoted with a very vivid little anecdote, but some of the other respondents have fallen prey to understandable memory lapses.

Lorenzo Martone (PR executive and Marc Jacobs’s ex) is quoted saying he kissed some random people at the Pavilion, which was memorably fun, “but not memorable enough to remember who it was with.”

Similarly, Bravo’s Andy Cohen admits that whatever little time he spent at the club, he barely remembers, “which is I think the point of the Pavilion in the first place.”

So true — but I can remember every wicked cup of Diet Coke and even the time I unbuttoned my top button!

Wild, wanton memories.

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