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UC Davis Chancellor Announces Pepper Spray Review; Japan Earthquake; Violent Protests in Egypt


After footage of a police officer dousing students with pepper spray went viral, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi announced she is forming a “task force” to look into the incident. She told CNN, “We really want to look into this very carefully and take action … make sure that it will never happen again on our campus.” She added that the task force would be “made of faculty, students and staff,” and they “will review the events and provide a report within 90 days.” [CNN]

Last night, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 struck outside of Tokyo. The AP reports “there were no immediate reports of damage or injury” and that, “the earthquake also had no impact on the tsunami-crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.” In March, an earthquake and subsequent tsunami devastated Japan’s northeast coast not too far from the Ibaragi Prefecture, where last night’s earthquake originated. [AP]

Protesters clashed with police in Egypt last night as they were demonstrating against the country’s military rule since the Arab Spring revolutions. The BBC reports that 2 were killed and more than 600 suffered injuries as a result of the violence. It began “when police moved to dismantle tents erected by demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square who had camped out for the night…The move to clear the square prompted thousands of protesters to return, and clashes erupted. Police fired rubber bullets as cars were set on fire, witnesses said.” [BBC]

The Transportation Workers Union has stressed that a strike is possible if labor negotiations don’t go well. The Daily News reports union chief John Samuelsen didn’t indicate that a strike was likely, but that “many New Yorkers–straphangers included–would back another labor walkout.” [NYDN]

Expect a cloudy day today with highs in the sixties and some rain later tonight. [TWC]

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