Elmo’s Unemployed Cousin Addresses the Village Voice


Last week we introduced you to Noman, Elmo’s bitter, unemployed cousin, a muppet who blames his lack of success on the fact that he’s been horribly overshadowed by more famous, conniving, manipulative relatives…like Elmo. Noman is trying to expose Elmo for the “evil little monster he is” via, naturally, a web series. He, also naturally, has a Kickstarter. And he has a response to our initial post, an interview with his handler, Lamarr Williams — Noman is pissed we didn’t speak to him directly. Typical celebrity.

FYI, Noman and all: We hear complaining may actually be good for you. We can’t wait to hear how your Thanksgiving goes.

Check Noman’s YouTube channel, iamnomanmonster, for more videos, upcoming in the next week.

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