Groundbreaking New York Post Report: A Couple Guys Stayed in a Hotel


The New York Post rubs its hands gleefully today with a new “scoop”: they’ve found two people connected with Occupy Wall Street who stayed in a fancy hotel. Therefore, the entire movement is a sham.

Peter Dutro, “one of a select few OWS members on the powerful finance committee,” and Brad Spitzer, a guy from California who seems to have gone to a couple OWS events on a business trip, were caught red-handed by the Post’s intrepid reporters staying at the W Hotel. Gotcha!

These two guys are just that — two guys, not the whole Occupy movement — not that the Post cares. Check out the opulence:

He paid for the palace with his American Express card.

“It is an expensive hotel. Whatever,” he said.

The rooms have 37-inch flat-screen TVs, window seats overlooking the city and iPod-dock alarm clocks. Visitors can order 12-year-old Glenlivet scotch for $375 a bottle, or an $18 pastrami sandwich, from room service. There’s even a menu for four-legged guests, including a $16 dog dish of Niman Ranch ground beef.

The report ends with a vaguely-sourced accusation that main OWS people were busy living the high life in a fancy hotel while Zuccotti was being raided: “Occupiers told The Post that they witnessed other General Assembly and group leaders stay in both the W Downtown and the Marriott Hotel — and said that key players were not present when cops stormed Zuccotti.”

They totally got you guys.

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