Kathy Griffin: Barbara Walters Is Crazy!


“She’s fuckin’ nuts!” declared Kathy Griffin at last week’s Larry King event put on by the Friars.

“She’ll cut you!”

The Sheraton shindig was supposed to be a tribute to Larry, but thankfully some roast-like moments like that snuck in.

MC Katie Couric told a sardonic tale about going home with Larry years ago, after which Joan Rivers quipped, “A little too funny, bitch.”

Wanda Sykes looked around and said, “Katie, Regis, and Larry — they really represent America. Three people who lost their jobs in this economy!”

Freddie Roman said of Suze Orman: “The only woman alive who hasn’t accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment.”

And Colin Quinn was a scream, saying of Larry, “If he was in any less demand, his face would be on Greek currency.”

He added, “The suspenders are there to keep the skin on.”

And he pointed to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and said, “The world’s biggest beard, unless you count Michele Bachmann.”

I hope Larry retires more often so we can have more fun dinners like this.

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