Marsha P. Johnson Movie About Legendary Activist/Entertainer


Marsha P. Johnson was the transsexual activist and entertainer who bedecked herself with flowers as she fought for rights and tried to scare up money, whether through prostitution or by befriending people she hoped would be as bighearted as she was.

Marsha now gets the big-screen treatment in Michael Kasino‘s loving documentary (yes, I’m in it), which you can see at the IFC Center on Monday, November 28, at 8 p.m., complete with a panel discussion after the film consisting of Marsha’s friends and loved ones singing her floral praises.

You’ll learn a lot!

Like how when a judge asked Marsha what her middle initial, “P,” stood for, she said, “Pay it no mind.”

He laughed and said, “I’ll do just that,” and set her free!

She was found in the river in 1992, which remains a mystery to this day, though Marsha’s allure is stronger than ever.

Pay It No Mind: Marsha P. Johnson Trailer from Redux Pictures on Vimeo.

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