Photos: Inside the Sanitation Building Where Occupy Wall Street’s Stuff Is Being Held


As we reported earlier today, press aren’t allowed inside the Sanitation facility on 57th Street where the city is storing Occupy Wall Street protesters’ belongings taken during the Zuccotti raid. We’d heard reports of disarray and damage inside and had seen photos of smashed laptops, and now the Voice has gotten a hold of more complete pictures of the mess where protesters are expected to root around for their things.

(all photos via Kathleen Russell)

Kathleen Russell, a video producer and director based in Brooklyn, went to the facility this afternoon to try and find a defibrillator that she had donated to the OWS medical team. The defibrillator was a gift from her father who works for a medical supply company and is worth $1200. It had her name and contact information written on it and was in a bright red medical case.

When Russell got to the building on 57th, she gave her I.D. to the assembled cops and filled out a claims form. There was a huge room filled with stuff in disarray with a few officers sitting around a table.

“There was a box on the table that they said was for keys and I.D.’s,” Russell said. “Why did you not notice a defibrillator if you were picking up keys and I.D. tags?”

Russell was told to go through all of the stuff and try to find the defibrillator. “I was sifting through tarps and tents and sweatshirts, random stuff,” she said. “I was there for over an hour.”

“They just tell you to go look through stuff,” Russell said. “There’s piles of crap with flies flying around, shit that’s just been destroyed. It’s mostly tarps and tents, with food and clothes. There’s a section of shoes all lined up. That was the one organized part of it.”

All these photos were taken today:

This looks to be a destroyed battery?

Russell’s defibrillator was nowhere to be found. Former occupiers have until 3:45 p.m. tomorrow to visit the storage space and pick up their stuff, if they can find it.

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