Poll Shows That 56 Percent of Americans Don’t Care About Occupy Wall Street


A new Gallup/USA Today poll shows that 56 percent of nearly 1000 respondents neither agree nor disagree with Occupy Wall Street. Fifty-nine percent don’t know enough about the movement to have an opinion on it. To top it all off, there’s been an increase in disapproval from 20 to 31 percent. The poll was conducted over this past weekend.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all those people in the 59 percent group literally have no idea what Occupy Wall Street is, though that’s surely a part of it.

A straight-up media circus has developed around the protests over the last couple months, which makes it seem surprising that people don’t know enough about OWS to have an opinion. But before drawing big conclusions from this, keep in mind that this is the same country where in 2006, 37 percent of respondents to a National Geographic poll couldn’t find Iraq on a map and a full 50 percent couldn’t locate New York. Not knowing stuff is what we’re all about, and isn’t the best indicator of whether or not said stuff is important.

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