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Sucklord “Jerk of Art” Street Art Appears Downtown


It’s been a monumental week in the Suckadelic quest for world domination. Last Wednesday, the Sucklord found himself unceremoniously banished from BRAVO’s Work of Art, after the endearing reality-TV character failed to impress judges in a street-art challenge. The masked Voice cover star’s immediate real-world response was to flip his failure into a commercial win by releasing a Morgan Phillips born-loser action figure that mocked the Sucklord persona versus the person, his nationally televised loss, and the absurdity of a contrived competition, all in a three-inch resin sculpture. But that’s not all.

Sucklord’s Work of Art stint caught the attention of funnyman Ricky Gervais, who lamented about the elimination of the toyworld’s biggest jerkbag over Twitter. Then, as the performance artist is inclined to do, Sucklord made his loss even more self-referential, turning his pseudo-street art loss into an actual street art success. Jerk of Art wheatpastes mysteriously began appearing on walls downtown, one off the Bowery, another near Rivington.

The self-reflection gets even weirder. The above piece showed up beside a weeks’ old OhCaptain MyCaptain portrait of graffiti legend Lee Quiñones, who’d been the Work of Art guest judge on Sucklord’s last week. To the far left:


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