Ted Leo, Titus Andronicus, And The So So Glos Are Playing An Occupy Wall Street Benefit At Shea Stadium Tonight


If you aren’t doing anything this evening, perhaps you’d like to catch this hot bill that’s playing tonight at Shea Stadium: Ted Leo, Titus Andronicus, and the So So Glos. The show, which was announced last night, will benefit the National Lawyer’s Guild, who’s working with people in need of legal assistance because of their involvement with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Tickets are $15 a pop and go on sale at noon today at Main Drag Music’s Bushwick Supply Store, located at 268 Meserole Street. Sales will be capped at 200 and tickets won’t be sold at the door, so if you’re interested in attending maybe you should, you know, go out there to get on line now. Titus Andronicus singer Patrick Stickles wrote a long blog post about the event, and it includes this reasoning behind having the show at the low-capacity Shea Stadium as opposed to, say, the Music Hall of Williamsburg or another large space:

Because real, sustainable change will only ever begin at home, amongst communities of people who know each other, who trust each other, and who love each other. I like the people who keep, say, the Music Hall of Williamsburg open for business – I like them very much – but I do not love them. They are friends, for sure, but real change must be made with family.

Furthermore, a solitary evening at Shea Stadium demands administrative costs of zero dollars. If there was any other place in town that could maybe make a promise like that, that would be one thing, but I somehow guess that, because they are legitimate businesses (and I respect capitalism in the context of local business), there would have to be some kind of overhead. Because the times are so dire and the urgency of the situation so serious, to allow even one dollar to get mislaid is poison to our hearts.

Besides that, Shea Stadium is, bar none, the best venue in New York. It has all the charms and righteous virtues of the DIY scene and the technology to compete with any place in town sonically. Done.

So there you have it. In related news, Stickles is retweeting the “best” insults flung his way from the dark anon-filled underbelly that is the Brooklyn Vegan comment section, which to me seems like a way to egg the always-ready-for-a-cowardly-fight commenter types there on but which to him is a tactic that “is all part of “owning the story,” one of the core values of [his] ongoing internet strategy.” Keep talking like that and you’ll get a TED Talk, Patrick! (This would probably not be all that bad of a thing.)

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