10 Best ‘Pepper-Spraying Cop’ PhotoShops


If you haven’t seen the video of campus police officer Lt. John Pike pepper-spraying peaceful protesters at UC-Davis campus this weekend, we encourage you to watch–the satisfied expression on the campus police’s face, amid audible student cries, is fairly harrowing. In addition to the video Runnin’ Scared posted this weekend, there’s another video here, shot from another angle, where in the first few seconds, you can actually see Pike brandishing the pepper-spray canister to the assembled crowd before he starts spraying, as if he’s about to perform a magic trick. A still from the incident became the focus of a meme, as our resident OWS shoe-leather reporter Rosie Gray told you yesterday. And in the last 24 hours, the PhotoShop jokes over at have gotten even funnier. See Pepper-Spray Cop get medieval on Super Grover’s ass! Witness Pepper-Spray Cop handle a noisy Bush protester! Watch the Pepper-Spray Cop get some damn hippie Brits loitering in a crosswalk! Our 10 faves.

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