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Adderall Shortage Creates Panic in the Market


Wondering why that type A go-getter in accounting seems sleepy and uninterested in work?

Well, apparently, there’s a shortage of Adderall, the over-prescribed ADHD drug for kids that’s also used by college students and grown-ups, according to an article in The article suggests that the shortage might be industry-driven; i.e., an artificial shortage to drive up prices to please the stock market.

A couple of interesting elements in the story: Adderall wasn’t considered addictive until this shortage of the drug hit the market. One guy who paid 9 bucks for his prescription ended up paying $99. A woman had to pay $408. These and others had to scour area pharmacies by the dozens until they found a prescription. A Los Angeles electrician wrote plaintively, “How can I keep working on dangerous equipment with high voltage everywhere and I can’t focus?” It’ll be months before the supply is back to normal, the article claims.

The Adderall industry is now worth $4 billion, ten times what it was in 1996, the article states. That fact alone should be disturbing to the nation’s educators, particularly those at private schools, who recommend the drug constantly to children and their worried parents.


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