Brooklyn Pimp Denied ‘Expert Pimp’ Status Despite Having Heard Every Song About Pimpin’


Anthony McCord, a 29-year-old pimp who’s on trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court for rape and robbery has been denied his request to be qualified as an “expert witness” in pimping. McCord is acting as his own lawyer and had hoped to reveal to jurors the “relationships between pimps and hookers, so they could better evaluate the case.” His qualifications for expert pimp-dom, via the Daily News:

He said he’d been a pimp since 2000.

In addition, he said, “I’ve pretty much read every book, saw every movie and heard every song relating to the subject matter.”

McCord said he had attended two national conferences on the trade and added, “I’m also a member of a quiet society of pimps.”

Who even knew there was a quiet society of pimps?

In any case, the jurors hoping this might be an exciting dark ally down which to turn in an otherwise dull courtroom proceeding have been denied that fun, as McCord was denied the opportunity to testify on pimpin’, the judge said, lest it confuse said jurors.

Less fun: McCord is accused of beating, raping, and robbing a woman who didn’t give him a cut from a job. He claims the sex was consensual and that beatings are part of the pimp-prostitute relationship.

However, he is no expert.

Hard out there for a Brooklyn pimp as judge nixes Anthony McCord’s request to be own expert witness [NYDN]
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