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‘Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing’ Billboard Echoes The Simpsons


Stuart Elliot, ad reporter and blogger for the New York Times, earlier today tweeted that WodkaVodka had put up a billboard on the West Side Highway touting its “Christmas quality” at, ahem, “Hanukkah prices.” Along with the tagline, there’s a small dog, quite possibly a Chihuahua, in a Santa hat (representing Christ?) and a larger, long-haired dog in a yarmulke. Check out a photo on Gawker. Unsurprisingly, the internet has already begun to rise up in rage over the billboard, which, I mean, you do have to ask, who approved this, exactly, and why?

We won’t go into the obvious stereotypes being played upon here, but we would like to point out: Dogs don’t even drink vodka! (And we know from dogs.)

But…you guys…there’s something of a familiar ring to this tagline. Upon further investigation, we found that it was used, quite similarly, though not exactly, in The Simpsons.

Remember when Costington’s department store advertised “Christmas presents at Hanukkah prices”? On The Simpsons, of course, it was a joke. And, of course, Wodka Vodka may have thought up their version all on their own.

We have reached out to the Wodka Vodka folks — who have quite the storied ad campaign history — for comment and/or clarification.

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