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Liza Minnelli Gets Behind Drag Troupe! | Village Voice


Liza Minnelli Gets Behind Drag Troupe!


Liza Minnelli loves the gays — and let’s not dregde up another “Yeah, she marries them” joke — so it’s no surprise that in the ’70s, she hooked up with Dzi Croquettes, a Brazilian theater troupe of glammed-up, half-naked, muscle-and-feathers-sporting folks who made a sensation.

In Brazil, they went against the dictatorship government, promoting freedom and homosexuality with every bump, and in Paris they were embraced by the fabulous, the famous, and the artsy, who thrilled to their energy, originality, and samba moves.

And their godmother was Liza.

In the new documentary, Dzi Croquettes, Liza says, “It was so kind of avant-garde.”

She pronounces “avant-garde” with a really thick, phlegmy French accent that’s sort of fabulous.

“They were constantly outrageous — I just loved it!” she adds, eyes glowing.

Liza applauded them, promoted them, and even learned dance moves from them.

As she recalls it, discovering her love of Brazilian music “was almost like I found my own heartbeat.”

Gosh, I’d love to find mine! Any ideas on how to be as eternally positive as Liza?

And how can we start some American Croquettes?

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