Nickelback (And Paul Scheer) Try To Figure Out Why Everyone Hates Nickelback


Why do people hate Nickelback enough to craft petitions inveighing against their inclusion in the halftime entertainment of a regular-season NFL game? (Even the Black Eyed Peas’ Super Bowl appearance didn’t inspire such e-ire!) I tried to figure this out two weeks ago and maybe sorta did, at least a little, although the argument put forth also inspired more arguing. (On the bright side, one commenter who had been confusing them with Creed all this time got to have the scales fall from his eyes. Congratulations, dude!) In a video produced by Funny Or Die, the bandmembers themselves try to figure out why they’re so despised, and they get an assist from a badly bewigged Paul Scheer (playing one of those slimy music-biz exec types who still exist as a credible archetype even though we’re not exactly living in the go-go Phil Collins metavideo era anymore) and, eventually, a bunch of Detroit-themed costumes.

(I guess the decision to emulate Trash-era Alice Cooper was because of the ’80s retro aspect of the other costume picks? Or who knows, maybe they’ll cover “Poison” on Thursday!)

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