John le Carre Plays A Gay!


A really good sleuth should be able to spot author John le Carre in the new film of his famous novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

He pops up in the holiday-party scene, a flashback that brings together members of the “Circus” (British Secret Intelligence Service) staff for some not-so-secret boozing.

Says the author:

“I had to imagine who I was, at my great age, sitting in that Circus community.

“I decided that I was an elderly gay librarian who’d been brought in for love of old times, and was given license to get plastered.”

No wonder he looks so happy!

Ironically, the scene is not in le Carre’s book, but that’s OK; he’d told the director, “Please don’t shoot the book or remake the TV miniseries!”

I guess he didn’t want the result to come off like something an elderly gay librarian could just take off the shelf.

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