New York

Justin Bieber and Barack Obama Coming to the City Next Week to Ruin Your Commute


For the second time in six months, Justin Bieber and President Obama are coming to New York simultaneously. Next Wednesday, the pair — who are buddies, kind of — will cause traffic to be horrible all over the city. They’re not coming here to hang out together, although maybe they can squeeze in some time; Obama is coming for a series of fundraisers, while Bieber is performing with Michael Buble and Cee-Lo Green at the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting.

Although today is thought of as the biggest and most terrible travel day of the year, next Wednesday has the potential to top it. The president is attending a fundraiser that’s only a few blocks away from where Bieber is performing, surely causing a perfect storm of traffic snarlage.

Bieber has been on the president’s mind recently. During a recent visit to Australia, Obama was asked for the second time by teenagers if he knew the singer. Unlike the first incident, it doesn’t seem that Barry set up a meeting.

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