Michael Psilakis to Star in No Kitchen Required, a Man vs. Wild-Like Food TV Show


Michael Psilakis, chef/owner of FishTag, is going to be jumping into some new culinary terrain. Literally. Eater reports that BBC America is launching a television program called No Kitchen Required, which will be “a culinary competition” in which three chefs get dropped by helicopter into unfamiliar terrain (from Thailand to Belize to Trinidad and Tobago to the Louisana Bayou) and will have to find/hunt food and cook it like (and for) the locals. Essentially, it’s Top Chef meets The Amazing Race meets Man vs. Wild, only maybe minus the gratuitous naked Bear Grylls shot (alas).

According to the release, “Each chef is free to choose whatever indigenous ingredients he wants — the catch is that each must acquire and prepare the ingredients in the same manner as the locals. Whether it’s hunting wild boar or diving for oysters, this series is about getting your hands dirty, pushing boundaries and experiencing incredible situations the audience would never expect to encounter in a typical food show. The chefs’ meals will ultimately be judged by the community and only one will be crowned the winner each episode.” The show will premiere on BBC America in spring 2012 — stay tuned.