I’m Being Taught at Yale!


As you may have read in yesterday’s Page Six, Yale University is currently offering a course in nightlife which features texts by me!

My work has finally gone to college!

Doctoral candidate Madison Moore is teaching “Dance Music and Nightlife Culture in New York City,” for those who can afford to be on the list.

The course includes studies of classic nightclubs, trips to New York, and speaking engagements by DJs.

Most importantly, the students will immerse themselves in texts by “venerable scholars of the open bar Michael Musto (whose recent piece ‘Why I Hate Nightlife’ is a tortured love letter to the scene) and Anthony Haden-Guest.”

I’m thrilled that my stuff has been admitted into the hallowed halls of the Ivy League, since that’s actually where I started (learning Jane Austen’s body of work at Columbia in between frantically running off to gay mixers).

And I hope this launches a trend and leads to entire universities built around the art of studying clubbing.

The Happy Hour School!

House Music University!

Club Kid College!

Downtown U!

I will surely be dean of something at one of these — or at least I can throw the orientation bash.

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