What To Do With Your Leftovers: The Turkey Stuffing Hero


A hero roll has never seen a better filling.

Let’s face it: The very best part of Thanksgiving is not the dry turkey breast, the candied yams, the green bean casserole, or the pumpkin pie surmounted by a cumulonimbus of Cool Whip. It’s the stuffing, hands down. Nor does the food taste best on Thanksgiving itself, but on the day after as you rummage through your fridge marshaling your leftover resources.

So here’s what to do with that magical pile of now-cold turkey stuffing. Go to the bodega and buy an Italian hero roll, preferably with sesame seeds. Split it in half. Put a little mayo or freshly pressed olive oil on each side. Pop the bowl of stuffing into the microwave for 15 seconds. Then spoon the herby, bready goodness into the loaf.

Now, tuck a napkin under your chin, and dive in. Fuck you very much, Dr. Atkins!

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