George Michael’s Flack: “It’s Not AIDS!”


I wish George Michael the best as he battles his terrible health problem.

The 48-year-old “I Want Your Sex” singer suffered agonizing chest pains and breathing difficulties in Vienna and was rushed to the hospital, where a doctor said George has “community-acquired pneumonia.”

And then George’s publicist promptly put out a statement saying that any other speculation about George’s pneumonia is “unfounded and untrue.”

In other words, he doesn’t have … you know what.

Isn’t it nice that 30 years after AIDS rose up and was instantly stigmatized, it’s still the illness that people so eagerly try to distance themselves from and without even saying its name?

“HIV” is a dirty word, even if you’re a pop star who came out after having been busted for “engaging in a lewd act” in a public bathroom, later getting nabbed again for a similar deed in a park.

I’m not saying George has HIV. I have no idea.

I just feel his people should work on his health crisis rather than try to spin him away from what they perceive as bad press!

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