CUNY Students to Protest Today; Barricades Already Set Up, Classes Cancelled


The CUNY board of trustees will be voting on possible tuition hikes today, and students are planning a big action in protest this afternoon. In response, CUNY is planning something of a pre-emptive strike to prevent the kind of disorder that happened last time; the school has already set up barricades and has cancelled all classes after 3 p.m. to reduce the number of students on campus.

The announcements of today’s march from Students United For a Free CUNY reads:

This rally is in response to a couple of things. First, the vicious attack of CUNY students by CUNY public safety officers at the Baruch campus on Monday, November 22, 2011. We demand the immediate resignation of both Chancellor Goldstein, as well as, the Head of Public Safety. Second, addressing the reason students were at Baruch on the 22nd in the first place, which was the outrageous way the Board of Trustees continues to run CUNY like a financial institution rather than an educational institution. They make tuition increases over the summer knowing many students are not on campus, they continue to increase tuition, while cutting, resources (closing libraries, writing centers, etc), they have public meetings where students and faculty are denied admittance, then are beaten for attempting to peacefully assemble and have a voice.

Rocio Rayo, 30, a junior at City College and organizer with Students United For a Free CUNY, told the Voice that “today is going to be a big deal.”

Rayo doesn’t know how many people will come and protest today, but thinks that the turnout will top Monday’s count of 500 (her estimate).

“Even if the numbers of students dwindle, since some students are expressing concern over police brutality, we’re expecting a huge turnout from our community and labor allies,” she said.

Protesters plan to march from Madison Square Park at 2 p.m. and arrive at Baruch by 4 p.m.

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