Grand Central Apple Store Ad Masquerades as a Train Timetable


Grand Central Terminal’s new Apple store is opening soon, and has been shielded by a temporary construction screen that doubles as a moving ad. It simulates the old Grand Central timetables, with flipping letters. The display, which says things like, “Apple Store, Grand Central, Arriving Soon,” “Grand Central Has Added Another Stop,” and “Use Personal Pickup, And Your Order Arrives Before You Do,” blends in pretty well — it’s possible that commute-addled travelers will miss it entirely. We hope the same cannot be said for their trains.


Everything looks prepped from the outside; we peeked inside and saw some electrical work but not much else. A nearby construction worker expected that the store will be open
sometime next week.

An anonymous commenter on claims to work for Apple’s glass contractor and says the store will be slightly different than the norm. It’s expected to have an all-glass Genius Bar, as well as “SEVERAL MINOR TWEEKS. (All caps and typo his.)

Apple leased the 23,000 square-foot space previously occupied by Metrazur restaurant from the MTA for $800,000 a year until 2021, when they’ll need to start paying $1.1 million — unlike iPods, real estate doesn’t get cheaper over time.

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