Let’s Go, GoGo-Gi: Fast Food Meets Bibimbap


In Koreatown, bibimbap — veggies, chili paste, beef, and a fried egg served over rice — often comes crackling in a stone bowl.

The pick — said to mean “mixed meal” — can also be served cold, and GoGo-Gi’s approach shows that taste has nothing to do with temperature.

At this Korean takeout restaurant (3908 Broadway), a $9.99 order features plentiful scoops of green beans, mushrooms, onions, carrots, zucchini, spinach, bean sprouts, and smoky-sweet ground beef — along with an egg and small cups of kimchi and hot sauce — over steamed rice.

The resto’s no-frills approach is quite pleasing: cool yolk, spiced meat, and earthy veggies blend with the starchy simplicity of the rice, making for a robust — and unique — main plate.

The selection, available daily at this Upper Manhattan newcomer, feels fresh and quite filling — and doesn’t have the over-refigerated vibe of so many pre-packed Asian delicacies.