Prison Doesn’t Mean You Have to Stop Looking for Love


Thank you, New York Post, for easing our transition into the post-holiday work week so warmly. For all of those single ladies bemoaning the lack of good men in the city, several hundred words have been devoted to the relationship-ability of 52-year-old Brooklyn man Roy Ageloff, who used to be a millionaire (and a free man) until he confessed to running “one of the biggest mob-linked stock frauds in U.S. history.” One should always aim high, after all.

Ageloff is scheduled for release from prison on December 11, 2013, which means you can get to know him first and take it slow, the old-fashioned way, before committing and actually having to expose your new love to the outside world, or even see him in person.

Note: Ageloff does come with a bit of baggage, among which, he owes $190 million in restitution. But, a good man is hard to find.

In related news,, the website upon which Ageloff promotes himself (positive energy, love of adventure, never dull!) as well as asking important rhetorical questions (“What good is it to be king if you have no queen?”) is a veritable font of dating possibilities, and, you know, there’s someone for everyone, if you’re looking for someone, that is.

Ageloff writes, “The 3 core values I am looking for in a woman are: Loyalty, Ambition, and having an honest heart.” His zest for life has not been dampened, he says, and he likes Italian food.

Fifty bucks, he’s paired off before New Year’s.

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