Proud One Percenter: “Have You Ever Heard of Anybody Great That’s Come Out of the 99 Percent?” (VIDEO)


We’ve had extensive coverage of the “99 percent” here at Runnin’ Scared, but starting today we’re going to try something new. Knowing they just don’t get their fair share of time to speak to traditional media outlets (and certainly, they never get the ears of politicians), we’d like to open up a forum for a tiny, minuscule, fringe minority group of Americans: the one percent.

Today’s entry is a YouTube video from our old friends at Inner City Media, covering Occupy L.A. on the Occupy Wall Street November 17 National Day of Action. We missed this video that day while we had our hands full covering New York’s multiple actions and, since Occupy L.A. is facing eviction this morning, we thought it was a good time to circle back to how the one percent of the City of Angels felt about their occupiers.

In the exchange, two men in suits are watching a protest march happening on the street below them from an office tower in downtown in Los Angeles. Asked if he’s part of the 99 or the one, one of the men says, “I’m part of the one that’s making it so that these people here can get something from the government.”

After proudly saying that he’s part of the one percent, the suit goes on to say “Here’s the other thing: now out of the 99 percent, have you ever heard of anybody great that’s come out of the 99 percent?”

“The Beatles!” the interviewer says.

Admitting that he does, in fact, love the Beatles, the suit reluctantly admits, “There’s four.”

“The Marx Brothers!” the interviewer says.

“There’s eight!” he admits, again.

The video provides a brief insight into a perspective we don’t hear much about and, surprisingly, shows an exchange with more humor and warmth than you might expect.

Via Inner City Media.


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