Sex-Obsessed Scientists Find That Men Don’t Think About Sex as Much as We Thought


Despite the character-defaming rumor that men think about sex every seven seconds of every day, a figure that would make for “more than 8,000 thoughts about sex in 16 waking hours,” scientists have determined that actually, guys don’t think about sex that much! According to a recent study that asked men and women to track their thoughts about eating, sleep, and sex in a golf tally counter every day for a week, the median number for thinking about sex was 19 times a day for guys and 10 per day for women.

Thinking about sex trumps thoughts about food (18 times a day) and sleep (11 times) for men, while women thought most about food (15 times — hopefully they’re thinking of eating and not obsessing over not eating) and least about sleeping (8 1/2 times) daily.

However! It’s possible these results may skew a bit, because each student was assigned only one sort of thought (food, sex, sleep) to record. Maybe some are just better, more efficient thinkers than others. Also, according to these results, men think about everything (well, these three things) more overall than the women did. Probably because women were thinking about something else.

In any event, as it turns out, “comfort with sexuality” rather than gender is a more revealing predictor as to how often individuals consider sex each day.

Currently we’re thinking about Anthony Weiner’s mustache. Tell us, science: What does that mean?

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