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The Village Voice Is a Designer-Toy Accessory


NYC-reared antihero Sucklord may’ve been banished from BRAVO’s Work of Art 10 days ago, but the self-proclaimed jerkbag looms larger than ever among his designer-toy colleagues. So much so that last week, fellow designer toymaker Gary Ham released a handmade wooden tribute, the SUCKset, a cartoon rendering of the man Morgan Phillips, complete with literal “rat tail” interpretation of Morgan’s haircut and a tiny copy of the Suckadelic-splashed September 28, 2011 Village Voice.

Dressed in the purple leisure suit featured in the Work of Art publicity shots, this seven-inch Sucklord comes with interchangeable heads (snap on Sucklord’s lipstick-kissed Boba Fett helmet in place of Morgan’s heavy-lidded, whiskered face) and an exacting array of uniquely Suckadelic props: the jar of urine Morgan once memorably kept beside his bed (that was prominently featured on VH1’s Can’t Get a Date), a lightsaber, a Gay Stormtrooper toy, a boombox, a bong, even a miniature version of one of his Work of Art challenges, an oil-stained pile of fake money. Also, that aforementioned Village Voice.

In an interview with toyblogger Jeremy Brautman, Ham admits that he wasn’t a Sucklord fan initially:

GH: It took me a long while to come around to The Sucklord’s appeal. “Fuck this and fuck that” is all I heard at first. I fought wanting to like him because I thought it was all just shtick. And that may be so, but he grew on me like a fungus, and I couldn’t resist any longer. He’s like the used car salesman you grow to like. He’s charismatic, confident, brash, direct, witty, and a brilliant marketer. I want to kick tires with this man. He’s a breath of fresh air. There is no B.S. with him. He knows who he is and doesn’t take anything too seriously.

But after Ham was won over and decided “to step up to the challenge no one gave me,” he decided to go deep with the props.

GH: The key to a Sucksessful toy is accessories, and The Sucklord has a plethora of things that make him the super villain that he is. The Suckpax and Gay Stormtrooper are probably what he is best known for (except for maybe his pee jar which is a throwback to his TV debut on VH1′s Can’t Get a Date. He loves carrots and his girlfriend, so I had to toss those in there. And then a couple things from Work of Art, like the crappy NY Times oil spill, and him appearing on the cover of the Voice.

The figure is still up for bidding on eBay, with less than an hour to go. Currently, the highest bid is $535.

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