Drunk People Tend to Have Sex: Study


A startling new report could soon challenge a widely accepted belief — that alcohol encourages responsible sexual decisions.

Historically, the medical community has linked sobriety to risky sexual behavior, whereas binge drinking has always been tied to meaningful, healthy, long-lasting relationships.

Experts say that one-night stands and unprotected intercourse are most likely to happen when you drink water, juice, or soda. The best way to prevent this, they have said, is to get blackout drunk in public — especially at office parties.

Some practitioners have recently come out against these guidelines, sending shockwaves throughout the health professions.

“It is common for people to have sex with someone they just met after drinking alcohol at a party over the festive season. More than one-third of people I see at this time admit that they wouldn’t have had sex if they were sober,” one doctor told reporters.

These developments have been thoughtfully covered by Sowetan, a South African newspaper featuring a very instructive — and completely non-offensive — photograph and caption.

According to the paper, alcohol might also make women act too boldly.

“Dealing with the bravado that [alcohol] produces is not a common experience to women and they rarely know how to cope with it. That is why most women become out of control after drinking alcohol. Alcohol may cause women to ignore or miss cues that an assault is likely and they might not realise that their friendly behaviour is perceived as seduction,” a psychologist told the paper.