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Fake Blind Guy Attempts to Teach New Yorkers a Lesson


Here is a question for pondering this Tuesday: Who’s the bigger jerk — the guy who walks around New York City pretending to be blind as “joke” and, you know, to teach people not to point “directions” to blind people — or the people who are attempting, perhaps mistakenly, to help the guy they think is blind?

We have to say, we side with the direction givers in this example. After all, pointing is a bit of an instinct, particularly in a city — and it’s almost involuntary, simply the easiest way to get your “point” across. Then again, so is filming yourself doing something “wacky” and putting it on YouTube, we suppose. Sigh.

Let’s just hope the overall takeaway from this is to be nicer, and more conscientious, to all people. And let’s stop the fake being blind stuff, k? It’s not funny. Props to the guy in the red hoodie for calling him out.


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