Hinsch’s Egg Creams Live On!


Things were looking pretty grim after beloved Bay Ridge luncheonette Hinsch’s (home of one delicious egg cream) had closed after more than half a century in business. But the tides have changed and the old ice cream parlor is back in business, reports the New York Daily News. And it’s gotten a facelift now that it’s under new management.

Local couple Lola and Gerard Bell took over the shop, explaining that they didn’t want Corporate America taking over the neighborhood and installing a Burger King or Five Guys. According to the paper, the Bells spiffed up the spot, investing thousands of dollars and buying new cooking equipment, a dozen wall mirrors, and giving the café a major scrub-down. But they kept the original Hinsch’s neon signs and the 15-seat, 40-foot-long serving counter. Let’s hope they didn’t touch the egg-cream recipe, either.