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Police Investigation, Rumors of Shooting at College of Staten Island [Updated]


According to a tipster, there’s a developing situation at the College of Staten Island. The Advance reports that police officers have roped off a building for “an active police investigation” — the College’s Office of Public Safety told us they were not at liberty to answer any questions, and DCPI told us that they have sent an officer to get information. People are tweeting that this may involve a shooting, though that is currently unconfirmed.

Per the Advance,

One student who phoned the Advance described uniformed and undercover cops, ambulances and FDNY vehicles. She said officials were stopping traffic at the circle around the school.

The small building cordoned off with yellow police tape is located in the middle of the athletic fields.

We’ll update as we have more information.

Update: The Advance has a photo of someone apparently being subdued on the campus that’s been circulating today and reports, “A spokesman for CSI would only confirm an ‘active police investigation’ was underway and that no shots were fired on the Willowbrook campus.”

DCPI still does not confirm a shooting.

Update 2:
The Advance now has a statement from the school:

Early this afternoon, an incident between an off-duty employee of the College of Staten Island Auxiliary Services and a member of the NYPD has resulted with both individuals being transported to a local hospital.

Contrary to rumors that may have been circulating, no shots were fired.

College of Staten Island site of ‘active police investigation [Advance]

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