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Shoplifters Cannot Resist Axe Body Spray


Today Adweek has a helpful and revealing list of the items people steal from retailers the most. Apparently, we’re a criminal lot, with one in 11 people stealing something he or she didn’t pay for — and 70 percent of shoplifters (most of whom are adults who also have jobs) saying they didn’t plan to steal. As for the items most stolen, some are obvious (electronic gadgets), some are cinematic (luxury meats), and some are…surprising. Axe body spray?

From the top 10 list of things most stolen:

• Filet mignon (and other choice cuts)
• Booze (both expensive liquor and the bottom-shelf stuff)
• Tools (taking the Do-It-Yourself to the extreme)
• iPhones and such
• Shaving accoutrement (Movember?)
• Axe deodorants and body washes. Yep. Dial comes in second, says Adweek, which also quotes a source as saying “We have some of the best-smelling shoplifters on the planet.”
• Designer clothing
• Elmo and other “hot toys”
• Perfume
• Sneakers

We recommend not stealing anything this holiday season, but if you must, put it in your pants, please, and don’t hurt anyone while doing it. Also: less is more.

‘Tis the season, ye merry retailers, for shoplifting [Adweek]

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