Sip or Swim: A Look at Au Breve Espresso


If you find yourself in Cooper Square jonesin’ for a cup of joe, but feel too lazy to make the very short walk to Astor Place or down the Bowery, your slothfulness might actually pay off — great coffee, as it turns out, is even closer than before.

Au Breve, which opened several weeks ago at 51 Cooper Square, serves a wide variety of espresso beverages and has a unique selection of sweet treats — from cupcakes to Ghostbusters-sized marshmallows.

The owner/barista suggested a latte.

Despite its diminutive size, the $4 drink satisfies even the strongest caffeine cravings.

Though coffee tends to feature an inherent acridness, it can taste smooth and not at all sour, acidic, or bitter when brewed correctly.

Au Breve’s approach does just that: bold but not burnt espresso, a generous but not excessive amount of steamed milk — and a thin, fluffy layer of foam — combine to create a truly sippable drink.

Pair with a raspberry marshmallow. The fruity and sweet — yet slightly tart — candy plays up the beverage’s fragrant, floral tones.