Snacks Make Women Fat: Study


Hey, ladies: Scientists have found another thing that might make us fat — mid-morning snacks.

As detailed in The Times of India, female dieters who ate or drank between breakfast and lunch only lost 7 percent of their body mass index (BMI) over the course of the year. Non-snackers shed 11 percent.

Researchers say that afternoon or evening snacking doesn’t seem to slow weight loss.

“We think this finding may not relate necessarily to the time of day one snacks, but rather to the short interval between breakfast and lunch. Mid-morning snacking therefore might be a reflection of recreational or mindless eating habits rather than eating to satisfy true hunger,” Anne McTiernan, the lead author of the study, told reporters.

If that’s not confusing (or boring) enough, McTiernan opines that snacking could somehow help you lose weight, even if it seems kind of counterintuitive based upon all the other stuff she says.

“Adding a snack might help people deal better with hunger and ultimately help them to make more sound choices at their next meal,” she told the media.

So there you have it, girls: Snacks might make you fat, and snacks might make you thin.

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