Violet the NYU Hawk Is in Danger of Losing Her Leg


Unfortunate news for followers of the plucky hawk family that had a miracle baby named Pip at NYU’s Bobst Library last spring: Violet, the mother, is having serious problems with her leg. The leg has a band around it and has been bothering her since before the Hawk Cam days, and City Room reports that it is now in seriously bad condition.

As you can see, Violet’s leg has grown gray and lifeless below the band and she can’t seem to put any weight on it.

Even more upsettingly, the veterinarian City Room spoke with thinks that Violet’s chances of survival are slim: “Most people would say she can’t hang in there with one foot,” she said.

The Department of Environmental Conservation and Protection is sticking by its decision not to intervene, reasoning that capturing Violet for that purpose would do more harm than good.

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