Ydanis Rodriguez, Jumaane Williams and Tish James Introduce Resolution in Support of Occupy Wall Street


City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez of Washington Heights announced on Twitter this afternoon that he and two other City Councilmembers — Jumaane Williams and Tish James — have drafted a resolution in support of Occupy Wall Street. The council is meeting today and will vote on the resolution [correction: they’re not voting on it today, oops]. The resolution almost seems like a logical next step from the city council members who have been the most consistently attached to the Occupy protests. Rodriguez was even arrested the night of the Zuccotti raid, and Williams was arrested during the OWS “Day of Action” on November 17.

A copy of the resolution, which is three pages long and touches on issues from unemployment to income inequality to health insurance:

Rodriguez-Williams-James – LS 2911 2912 2937 and 2941 – Zuccotti Park – 11-23-11 – To CM

What this resolution will actually do for Occupy Wall Street if it passes isn’t immediately obvious. We’ll update with more info after the vote.

Update 4:26 p.m.: We just spoke with Council members Williams (who noted that “I was the first elected official to publicly come out and support” OWS, though he had to confer with a staffer to find out exactly when the endorsement happened) and with Rodriguez on the phone.

Both men corrected our impression that the resolution would be put to a vote today; instead, it was just introduced. Rodriguez said that the next step is to gain Speaker Christine Quinn’s support for a hearing and vote on the resolution. He added that the authors have gotten 13 other council members to sign on their support.

Rodriguez clarified that “this resolution does not respond to being arrested or to the effort of Mayor Bloomberg to silence the Occupy movement” and said that work began on the resolution over a month ago.

When asked what the resolution will accomplish, Rodriguez said that “the intention of the resolution is to send an official statement of support from New York City’s legislative body.” Williams put it more simply: “We’re saying that the City Council is in solidarity and hopefully the Mayor will listen to that.”

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