Cop Hits Man with Beer Bottle, Police Say


A North Carolina cop smashed a beer bottle against a man’s head during a poker game, police say.

Dan Tran, 31, has been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, the Charlotte Observer reports.

What supposedly went down: Tran, a seven-year veteran of the Charlotte PD, found himself in Lowell, Massachusetts, during the Thanksgiving holiday.

He and several buddies started playing cards, probably since there is nothing else to do in Lowell.

It’s unclear what happened next, but things got apparently heated at some point: Somebody got hit, but nobody knows for certain why or how.

Tran won’t say whether he actually slammed another poker player in the head with a beer bottle, but his defense lawyer says that he “acted in self-defense.”

Tran has been released and returns to court January 17.

No word yet on the brand of beer.

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