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Incident at College of Staten Island Was a Pot Bust Gone Wrong


Yesterday we wrote of a developing incident at the College of Staten Island that, at first, had rumors of a shooting swirling among students and on Twitter. It turned out there was no shooting at all, as the school explained yesterday in a statement. As for what really happened — an “off-duty member of the school’s auxiliary service” (the Advance calls him a cafeteria porter) was caught smoking pot in a bathroom and was confronted by a cop who tried to arrest him. The man, whom the Post identifies as Cory Holmes, 39, ran to a parking lot, where he struggled with the police officer and, according to cops, tried to take the officer’s gun. Holmes was subdued, handcuffed, went into cardiac arrest, and later died at Richmond University Medical Center.

School officials told the Advance that Holmes had worked for CSI for 10 years.

As for the shooting rumors: “During the struggle, the pistol’s slide pulled back and a bullet popped out of the chamber, the source said.” However, it didn’t discharge.

The police officer was treated for minor injuries at Staten Island University Hospital.

Man smoking pot at College of Staten Island dies after confrontation with cop: Police source [NYDN]

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