Occupy L.A. Finally Gets Around to Facing Eviction, Take 2 (LIVE VIDEO)


Update, 1:20 AM EST: After skirting a confrontation earlier this week, it looks like hundreds of LAPD are making their way to move in on Occupy L.A. The live feed is once again showing what’s happening outside L.A. City Hall.

Los Angeles is used to following in New York’s footsteps, so perhaps it is fitting that it has taken their Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, almost two more weeks to try to evict his occupiers than it took Mayor Mike Bloomberg to eject his. Above is live video of the confrontation between Occupy L.A., which has been camping at L.A. City Hall almost exactly as long as Occupy Wall Street was before the NYPD kicked them out of Zuccotti Park, and the LAPD.

The most recent question in the L.A. vs. NY wars: will L.A.’s occupiers live up to the reputation of New York’s? Will the LAPD be as gentle to occupiers’ books and recording equipment as the NYPD was? We’ll know in the next few hours.


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