Six Best Things to Eat at Indian Clove, and One Worst


6. Malai Kofta — This dish has been spectacularly reformulated at Indian Clove, so that the balls — made of cheese and cashews — are twice the size of the usual article, in a savory chestnut-colored gravy. Vegetarian

This week, Counter Culture rides a bike to Indian Clove, a Staten Island restaurant (easily accessible by bus from the ferry) that may be the best all-around slightly upscale Indian restaurant in the city. Here are the six dishes my friends and I enjoyed the most, and the one we enjoyed the least.

5. Bihari Kebab — Strangely made from a combination of ground lamb and chicken, these meat sticks provide a profound vehicle for the tandoor’s smokiness, and are way succulent.

4. Baigan Hyderabadi — Why didn’t anyone think of immersing chunks of eggplant in a mellow peanut sauce before? Vegan

3. Chicken 65 — There are many stories about how this dish of moist red chicken tidbits got its name, but the secret is that the morsels have been tenderized with buttermilk prior to cooking.

2. Chicken Chettinad — Make sure you ask for it spicy, because that’s what this dish is all about.

1. Ceylon Egg Roll — A shredded Sri Lankan street snack is perhaps the best and most interesting dish at Indian Clove, especially when tossed with brown and green chutneys. Avoid the red sauce in the picture — it’s barely reconstructed ketchup. Vegetarian

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Gobi Honey Garlic — Cauliflower heavily battered and plunged in a sugar syrup is not a good idea.

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