Stoners, Rejoice! Doritos-Free Dining at JoeDough


Say you find yourself wandering the East Village with the munchies.

(Of course, you would never, ever do this, because you are a responsible adult, who knows that pot will obviously make you jump out of buildings, talk to dogs, and run naked through the streets. Besides, drugs are bad, mmkay.)

Still, in this totally hypothetical thought experiment, you also have 10 bucks to spend on food.

You could go to a bodega and load up on Twinkies, Cheese Puffs, Doritos, and Easy Mac. Or, you could spend the same amount of money to chow down on a gigantic, hot, and masterfully melted grilled cheese sandwich.

If you face this conundrum, go with a grinder: specifically, Joe Dough’s “Stoners Delight,” billed as a “serious upgrade of the sad old” favorite.

At this new shop (135 First Avenue), two griddled challah hunks come loaded with cotija, queso blanco, and white cheddar cheeses.

The cooks grill the bread just the right amount of time, so they reach that perfectly balanced point between crisp toastiness and moist doughiness.

The pick also features a side of tomatillo sauce — a light, creamy condiment redolent with cool cilantro. The earthy, vegetal sauce keeps the offering from feeling too greasy and rich, and plays up the unique blend of mild and sharp dairy.

You can get a bag of chips for $2, but the plentiful plate should sate even the hungriest pothead.


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